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Top 3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Window Treatments For Your Montclair Dream Home


Do you want to add window shades, blinds, or fashions to your home? It seems like a simple enough question until you begin reviewing all the options you have to select from. As a consumer, it's great to have choices, but as a homeowner, it can feel overwhelming. Window treatments are like functional accessories for your home. They're often the last detail added to the house, but they can do so much as the finishing touches on your dream home. The trick is to make sure you choose the ideal pairing for your windows. Remember, window dressings impact the interior design aesthetics and exterior curb appeal of your home, so choose wisely!

How To Select Window Coverings For Your Home

Window treatments can dress up a casual room or balance out an otherwise elegant space to make it feel homier. They can increase the property value, improve your household's energy efficiency, and last for years to come - if you choose the right ones!

Always opt for high-quality custom window dressings

Avoid prefabricated, mass-produced options when choosing window blinds, fashions, or shades. True value and beauty are derived from the level of quality and elegance that you can only get from custom window treatments.

Consider layering

For a more versatile and beautiful system, consider layering your treatments. Blinds with curtains are a great example of a way to have functionality with refined beauty for your windows.

Opt for a unique look in each room

For a while, the trend was to choose one uniform look for every window throughout the home to have one detail that tied all the rooms together. Now, homeowners appreciate choosing window coverings that work with the look and feel of each room instead of opting for uniformity.

There are plenty of other ways to ensure you choose the right window shades, blinds, or fashions for your home. Contact Custom Shade Shop today for your consultation and free estimate, and let us assist you in the decision-making process.

Never Settle For Less Than The Best

Creating the home of your dreams should be fun and enjoyable. Our custom services will help make that possible. Get professional help and expert installation for your window treatments by working with Custom Shade Shop. Contact us today for window shades, blinds, and fashions for your Montclair home.

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