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Stationary Awnings

2021 Stationary Awnings Viewing

KE The Right Choice


KE’s experience and strong organization makes us an industry leader in outdoor shading products. KE is part of the BAT GROUP, a multi-national company with sales in 76 countries. This guarantees excellent synergy between innovation, expertise, and choice of materials. KE is always investing in research, product development and employee education in order to improve our products and provide elegant solutions for our customers.


KE products are custom manufactured to meet your specific requirements.


KE makes it easy with our 500 affiliates across the US to provide expert guidance, installation and service.


KE products are beautifully designed in Italy by engineers and designers with decades of experience in the outdoor living space industry.


Three US production facilities and a total of 9 worldwide ensure that KE can meet all of your requirements for high quality customized shading solutions.


All KE shading systems are born from innovative, creative ideas that offer the perfect balance in design and functionality. KE proudly holds 36 patents for our designs.


KE assures you a quality experience. We have earned multiple worldwide certifications for quality, including CE EN 13561, EN 10901, ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001.

Expand Your World

2021 Stationary Awnings Viewing


Create an eye-catching look for your home or business while increasing enjoyable living space or improving the working environment for your business. A KE stationary awning provides protection from hot sun, rain, and harmful UV rays that not only cause sunburn or disturbing glare, but can also prematurely fade carpets, furniture and interior décor. Expand your living or working space and stay outside longer day or night, from early spring through late fall. Available features such as side wall enclosures and LED lighting, a stationary awning can add hours to days and weeks to your seasons. Stationary awnings can improve the attractiveness of your business or the value of your home. Consider a KE stationary awning solution for your custom needs.


CREATING THE PERFECT OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS TO ENJOY An extra living space that everyone will enjoy. Transform your deck, patio or terrace into everyone’s favorite space in your home. Enhance your home’s traditional appearance by installing a stationary awning and gain valuable outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining, dining and staying cool on hot summer days. From inside the home, stationary awnings help reduce sun glare and heat build-up from solar radiation which helps reduce cooling costs. Versatile and beautiful, KE awnings are custom-crafted and professionally installed to create a cool, natural extension to your personal style and your comfortable home. ENJOY THE OUTDOORS!

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