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Retractable Awnings

2022 Retractable Awnings Brochure

Enjoy The Outdoors!

Create an eye-catching look for your deck or patio while adding more living space for you to enjoy!

Your KE Retractable awning provides high grade UV protection, allowing everyone to enjoy the outdoors longer and more safely.

From full-featured, luxurious awnings to cost-conscience entry-level models, the KE family of retractable awnings has just what you’re looking for. Providing ondemand solar protection, retractable awnings expand your home beyond its walls. With the touch of a button or turn of the crank, these awnings transform your deck, patio or terrace into an attractive and comfortable expanded living space.


Add Living Space to Your Deck or Patio

by Creating the Perfect Outdoor Environment

for Family and Friends to Enjoy

  • MAXIMUM MEASUREMENTS Max measurement up to 46' wide and up to 23' projection
  • FABRIC ROLLING KE designed and patented technology avoids folds and creases during the rolling process
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS Elegant design reduces overall dimensions to produce an attractive profile, whether extended or retracted
  • AUTOMATION Available wind, rain and sun sensors allow for automation that helps to protect awnings against harmful weather
  • WIND RESISTANCE KE products are tested and rated to withstand windy conditions
  • RETRACTABLE ARMS Retractable arms are specifically designed for long service life
  • EASY INSTALLATION KE awnings are easy to install with fastening systems designed for each kind of wall
  • FABRICS More than 500 fabrics to choose from in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • LED LIGHTING Available to increase beauty, functionality, and use

Maximize your living space, get relief from the sun’s harmful rays, reduce energy costs and create an elegant expression of your personal style.

Versatile and beautiful, KE awnings are custom-crafted and professionally installed to create a cool, natural extension to your home. Enjoy the Outdoors with KE.


2022 Retractable Awnings Brochure

The Benefits of Acrylic, Screen, or Clear Vinyl

Whichever product you choose, you can be assured that your new Retractable Awning will provide years of worry-free enjoyment.

All our acrylics are first grade fabrics, inspected to ensure your satisfaction, and are suitable for all types of awnings.

We offer a wide selection of colors and patterns from around the world, allowing you to bring those styles to life at your home to expand your outdoor living spaces.

Our premier line fabric collection features unique styles from the European design collections of Sattler and Para along with North America’s best-selling outdoor use
acrylic, Sunbrella.

Fabric Collection features at a glance:

  • 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic
  • Water Repellent & Mildew Resistant
  • Sewn with Gore Tenara Thread
  • 10 year Limited Warranty: Sattler, Para Tempotest, Sunbrella
  • 5 year Limited Warranty: Dickson
  • International Trend Setting Fabrics
  • Easy Clean Finish
  • Energy Savings
  • High TEX Quality

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