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Benefits Of Motorized Window Shades You're Missing Out On


If your window shades aren't working for you, you're missing out! In a world of fast-paced, cutting-edge technology, it only makes sense to want the most modern conveniences. Your window treatments should be no exception. Now that motorized shades are an option, it doesn't make sense to settle for anything less. You can control your window treatments with the touch of a button, making it easier than ever before to adjust your window shades and blinds. But are you still wondering why that's a big deal?

Safety, Convenience & Efficiency - What More Could You Want?

Upgrading to motorized window treatments is an added expense, that's true. However, once you realize the numerous benefits of having motorized shades, you won't want anything less!

  • Safety - Switching to cordless window treatments offers a greater sense of safety for your children and pets. Dangling cords aren't just a nuisance; they're a potential threat to the well-being of your young kids and beloved pets. Eliminate the danger of injury or strangulation by ridding your home of unnecessary cords.
  • Convenience - Homeowners are more likely to actually use their window blinds or shades when they transition to motorized. That's because it's as easy as pushing a button or making adjustments using an app on your Smartphone. It's so much easier than physically making adjustments going to each individual window.
  • Efficiency - Using your window coverings more frequently helps your home with better energy efficiency. It enables you to keep out sun and heat during the day in the summer but allows more natural light and heat during cold winter months. Used correctly, you'll notice these changes reflected on your monthly utility bills.

Being able to easily adjust your window dressings is also better for your furniture and flooring. By preventing all-day exposure to harsh UV rays, you'll protect your home furnishings and flooring from fading and damage.

Trust The Name That Cares

Local rely on Custom Shade Shop for all their window treatment needs. We're excited to remind homeowners that opting for motorization also promotes security! Adjustments to your window shades give the illusion of being home even if you're at work or on vacation. Adjusting your blinds will prevent anyone from peeking in and make it unpredictable to determine when the home is empty. To enjoy all the benefits of motorized shades for your home in Montclair, call us today.

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