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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Between Wood Or Faux Wood Blinds

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One of the first decisions you'll have to make regarding window treatments is whether you want window shades or blinds. A common choice among homeowners is window blinds, and that includes both real wood and faux wood blinds. However, it can feel a bit daunting when you're the consumer trying to make the best choice for your home. Window treatments are the final touches for your home sweet home, and you want everything to be perfect. However, without the proper research and decision-making, you could end up regretting the choices you make.

Natural Wood vs. Faux Wood Blinds

At Custom Shade Shop, we're experts at consulting property owners about possible options, including window shades, blinds, or fashions. Ultimately, we just want homeowners to feel good about their decisions and the project's final outcome! Some things to consider when choosing faux or real blinds are:

  • Price - Real wood window coverings are indeed more expensive upfront, but they make up for it with the value. Natural wood elements always add to the property value, making them a wise investment. However, faux wood is more budget-friendly.
  • Humidity - Faux wood is moisture-resistant, which means these blinds hold up in damp spaces much better than the real wood alternative. Avoid using natural wood in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or any damp or humid space. Faux wood won't warp or rot when exposed to moisture.
  • Beauty - Although faux wood options have come a long way in recent years, the beauty of natural wood is unparalleled. No two slats of wood are the same because of the uniqueness of real wood grain, and that's something that simply can't be replicated by even the best fake wood manufacturers.
  • Maintenance - The good news is that both types of blinds hold up well over time in the proper environment, without much care. However, natural wood does require polishing from time to time to preserve the wood and improve its look.
  • Versatility - You don't have to pick the same choice for every room. There's nothing wrong with having real wood in some rooms, faux wood blinds in others, and even different types of window dressings throughout the house. Fewer homeowners opt for a uniform look for every room, so mix things up.

The Right Pros Working For You

At Custom Shade Shop, we work hard to keep our clients happy. We look forward to meeting with you for your consultation and free estimate, allowing you to review all of your possible options. Call us today in Montclair to discuss wood or faux wood blinds for your home. No matter which window treatments you choose, you'll love the quality of our custom work and expert installation services.

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